NHN shapes the economic future of the region Noord-Holland Noord. NHN assists and supports everyone who wishes to start a company, or invest in, or develop businesses in Noord-Holland Noord, the region situated above Amsterdam. We work in close cooperation with governments, companies, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, research institutes and non-profit organizations.

NHN has a team of professional project managers who assist companies with setting up their business or investing in our region in the best possible way. NHN works with local and Provincial authorities to create an optimal climate for attracting businesses. We introduce entrepreneurs, investors and government authorities to each other, with the intention of boosting the regional economy and employment. Whether it involves the infrastructure or a licence, NHN is at the centre of operations when it comes to realizing economic activities in Noord-Holland Noord.

The support and services of NHN’s professionals are free of charge.

Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord
Comeniusstraat 10
1817 MS Alkmaar
+31 (0)72 5195774




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