Joint venture in Den Helder

Thursday, September 1 2016

As from September 1, 2016, OPS (Offshore Project Support) has formed a joint venture with DHSS (Den Helder Support Service), DHAS (Den Helder Aircraft Systems), Glomar Offshore and GEOxyz to provide a complete package of specialized services above and below water in the offshore energy industry.

The joint venture, called OPS, has resulted in one team with multiple disciplines. A diverse fleet of vessels as well as ROV, Diving, Drone, Rope Access and Geotechnical inspection services, can be carried out by one player. Including an in house Ships Agency, with warehousing services & Helicopter Logistics, OPS is the single point of contact to deliver a wide scope of assets & services.

The vessel fleet consists out of various purpose built offshore support vessels and its management has over 40 year experience in Offshore services of a wide range of activities. Worldwide we are able to offer customized options and solutions for every project.

With an in house Ships Agency and logistics department, OPS also stands for integrated logistics services, with the highest safety and environmental standards in place. OPS Logistics is always focused on improving its efficiency and quality of services on a 24/7 basis. Beside project logistics, OPS also provides helicopter services, 3PL warehousing and freight forwarding services worldwide and has several bases with outstanding dedicated specialists.

For specialized inspections above water, OPS has a fully licensed and by Dutch government authorized RPAS (Drone) operation in place. OPS operates various types of unmanned aircrafts, to collect data and imagery in live or captured formats. A solution for inspections via unmanned aircraft systems gives potential clients a cost saving insight in the state of the object.

With regards to underwater activities, OPS is specialized in hydrographic, geophysical & geotechnical surveys. Founding partner GEOxyz provides these services with own highly professional and specialized staff, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art survey systems. GEOxyz employs more than 60 personnel and owns a fleet of dedicated survey vessels.

In all services, the main goal of OPS is to provide ingenuity to our clients – with a well thought solution in every stage, from preparation to execution, resulting in a smart, efficient, cost reducing and a safe project.

OPS Managing Director, Niels Noordeloos, said: “I strongly believe in cooperation and with this new cooperation it allows us to deliver our clients a complete package of service with the best solution.”

Wim Schouwenaar, CEO of DHSS, said: “We belief that joint forces and shared knowledge of a wide range of services is one of the key elements to accelerate, especially in the Offshore Wind, an Industry which is strongly focused on cost efficiency. By partnering in OPS, we have created a body which can operate at a high qualified level against a very cost effective rate.


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