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The Multimetal group provides Construction Design, In-house testing and Certification, Offshore support services and IRM (Inspection, Repair and Maintenance) to the Oil & Gas-, Petrochemical-, Water- and Wind energy sector. We are innovative and operate proactively with our expertise in the field of Offshore Platform- Modification and Maintenance, De-commissionning and Renewable energy.

Offshore support service and Maintenance:

  • Multimetaal offers a broad range of offshore support services, encompassing project management, structural and mechanical modifications, Advanced Welding Engineering, Total Maintenance-, Offshore Hook-up, and De-commissioning projects.
  • Offshore surveys for pressure safety equipment, isolation valves, resulting in proven valve repair, sealing and recertification projects.
  • Multimetaal expertly trained, multi-disciplinair crews, her certified equipment, and consumables, represent a total resource pakkage capable to deliver practical solutions whenever and wherever you need it.


Multimetaal has a well-earned reputation for uncomprimising QHSE standards, that we apply across all divisions and disciplines. Extensive test facilities, and official company certification such as ISO-9001-2015 / ISO 3834-2:2005 / EN 1090-1:2009/T0103 and PRD 3.2 / VCA ** guarantee the quality of our products and services. Our multiskilled technical team is fully qualified to perform work on offshore locations in accordance with GWO / NOGEPA / OPITO / OLF regulations.

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