The Haven & Scheepvaart Vereniging Den Helder (HSV – Northsea Port & Offshore association) represents well over 80 members which are all direct or indirectly active in the offshore oil&Gas, Wind Energy  and Marine industry . The HSV is collaborating with the Port of Den Helder, Airport Den Helder, the Royal Navy, the Municipality of Den Helder, the Province of North-Holland and Development company North Holland North to strengthen economic growth in and around Den Helder. In close cooperation with before mentioned organizations HSV contributes to creating new business opportunities in the Den Helder region.

Den Helder is located right on the Northsea coast. It is a town with three ports: a seaport, an airport and a knowledge port. The multifunctional port city is the offshore and maritime centre of the Netherlands and it takes in an important international position. The dynamics in and at the port, the maritime know-how, the innovative capacity of the trade and industry, the expertise in oil & gas and wind plus the diversity in education possibilities attract international companies to establish themselves in Den Helder.


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